It’s Going to be a Hell of a Summer.

Thronehold – the ancient, ancestral capital of now-lost Galifar. The crossroads and beating heart of the Five Nations. The jewel in the imperial crown, showcase of the best the Five Nations had to offer. A sad symbol of lost glory.

Throne-port – the metropolis that that grew up around the imperial capital. Once a seething hive of intrigue, partially abandoned by the Five Nations for a century while war raged across the continent, now an international neutral zone held in trust by the four surviving nations and once again the site of a shadow war that spans the entire continent of Khorvaire, where diplomats and spies bloodlessly continue the hostilities that were only recently ceased on the battlefield. It is a city where spies trail each other in broad daylight, clandestine deals are brokered a dozen times a day, and it often feels like simmering resentment could boil over into live hostilities at any moment.

Over a dozen major powers- kingdoms, Houses, crime families, and others- jostle for advantage and an uncountable number of others fight for favor or the scraps they let fall from the high table. In other words, it is a city brimming with opportunity for those brave enough to take it.

You have found your way to Throneport, whether it’s as agent, entrepreneur, mercenary, refugee, soldier, or something else. This is a city of opportunity if you’re the adventurous type. Otherwise you might want to keep your head down.

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Hell of a Summer

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