A day’s ride north of Throneport, Amphail is a small farming village whose main trade is growing food for Throneport, but it is also known for its outstanding horses (Amphail Grays and glossy black chargers), and due to this it suffers from the stench of horse manure during the warmer months.

The largest horse breeder is the Roaringhorn family of Throneport, but others include the ir’Amcathra, ir’Ilzimmer, ir’Jhansczil, and ir’Tarm noble families, as well as individual breeders Rorth Baldasker, Ohm Oglyntyr, and Elraghona Selember. Although not breeders, the Eagleshield family makes tack for the horses and operates a farm for the treatment of sick animals.


Population 850 (600 in village, 250 in the outlying farms)
Demographics 64% Human, 15% half-elves, 10% dwarves, 5% halflings, 3% gnomes, 3% other
Government Overlord
Ruler Mayor Briiathor Alougarr (Half-orc)


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