The Argentum is a ministry of the Church of the Silver Flame and Thrane‘s intelligence agency, with a focus on collection and study of Magic items, with the goal of furthering Thrane’s political and magic position in the world.


Minister Nystrum Shadar answers directly to the Council of Cardinals, but does share information with Queen Diana – why this is, isn’t entirely clear.

Shadar has twenty-four directors, each of whom have teams that report to them. These directors are broken up by function: research teams are divided up by magic item types, while couriers, spies, and information gatherers are separated by nation. One of the most prominent directors is Lycia Velencor, Director of Artifact Research.

Agents fall into one of three ranks – White, Black, Grey – in ascending order of influence. White agents only interact with a single point of contact, while Black agents are more properly integrated into the agency. Grey agents have enough pull to direct their own missions and are hand selected by Minister Shadar.


The Argentum is largely a secret organization. Nystrum Shadar is a well-known retired army general, but most Thranes assume he’s living a life of quiet retirement after the Last War. Other members of other intelligence agencies are more likely to know about the Argentum.

Unlike some other agencies it is possible to leave the Argentum, however members who leave are subject to a geas spell with instructions not to divulge the secrets of the organization.


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