From a few bands of roving artisans and tinkers, the Mark of Making has allowed House Cannith to rise and dominate commerce and industry in Khorvaire. For every advance made in magic, odds are good that Cannith had a hand in it—from everbright lanterns to the lightning rail, from the warforged to the secret experiments now lost deep within the wastes of the Mournland.Cannith_Seal.jpg

With its power and creative genius, the house commands both respect and fear. Despite its accomplishments, however, Cannith stands in turmoil. Unable to agree on a new ruler in the aftermath of the Day of Mourning, the house splintered into three factions, each with its own agenda. This rift has caused unease among the houses and beyond, giving monarchs and entrepreneurs pause even as they cautiously back one of three would-be leaders.

Major Constituent Families

Capuleo, Montag, Vown

Local Organization

Cannith has an extensive enclave in Trades Ward in the Everbright Neighborhood. After the Treaty of Thronehold restricted the Dragonmarked Houses to Trades Ward they bought out an entire block of businesses and residences and gutted every building, turning the whole thing into a modern techno-dreamscape unfettered by ideas of classical design or good taste. The resulting Everbright Neighborhood- really a single building- is awash in the latest ideas in artifice and technology. People come from other cities just to visit the Everbright Neighborhood, making it just as much a tourist destination as administrative compound, residential neighborhood, and research and design facility- which are its primary purposes.

Important People

Throneport Director: Joherra d’Cannith
Everbright Administrator: Pater d’Cannith


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