It’s been estimated that there are as many cats in the city as there are people. It is certainly true that anywhere you look you can usually find a cat lounging, bathing, sitting, or sunning itself, and more often than not you will find more than one.

The people of Throneport have a noted fondness for cats and catlike creatures. Some say this has to do with the island city’s necessarily strong nautical tradition. The many ships that come to Throneport bring with them many cats, carried on board to hunt rats and other vermin. The city’s army of cats- reputedly led by a silver-eyed hero of a cat known as Banshee (likely a degeneration of the arcane name for a certain type of cat-shaped agathion)- is also been credited with ending a plague of vermin-carrying rodents early after Throneport’s founding and is even now believed to be partly responsible for the general good health of the teeming city.

All over the city, people build shelters for street cats and habitually leave food out for them the way other places leave out offerings for the fey. Every park and green space has at least one if not more than one space dedicated to sheltering and feeding stray cats. When the weather turns cold, neighborhoods will open outbuildings and warehouses to keep cats from freezing.

In particular, the City of the Dead is also sometimes called the City of the Cats, and that peaceful, beautiful park is home to huge colony of strays. In addition to mundane cats, the City of the Dead is known to have a significant parliament of tressym living in the ancient oaks around the mauseoleum of a long-dead noble family.

Though nonmagical cats are the norm, Throneporters love all kinds of harmless catlike creatures, and in addition to the winged tressym sometimes glimpsed in the trees it is believed an outsized number of cat sith and dweomercats live on the streets amongst their mundane brethren.


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