City Guard

The City Guard is a highly trained military organization of fully-armored soldiers responsible for defending the great city of Throneport and patrolling its surroundings. The City Guard serves many purposes related to defending the city. Within Throneport, the Guard protects the city walls, gates, and its important buildings, as well as providing escorts for government officials. It also patrols the harbor and the roads leading from Throneport to Amphail, Estaby, and the rest of the island.


The exact size of the City Guard is a secret only known to the rulers of the city, but it is thought to be around 1,200 strong. In times of peril, it has enlisted mercenaries and grown to up to 12,000 members.

A City Guard patrol usually consists of twelve members, whose commanding officer is called the civilar. A commanding officer holding the rank of captain is known as an aumarr, or senior civilar, while one holding the rank of lieutenant is known as a shieldlar, or, simply, civilar. The patrol also contains one armar, or sergeant, and ten guardsmen or guardswomen, or trusties.

Other officer positions exist within the ranks of the Guard not typically associated with regular patrols. In particular, the ranks of valabrar and torsin are responsible for escorting important individuals within the city, while also composing honor guards and bodyguards to diplomats and illustrious visitors to the city. Officers holding those positions outrank patrol captains.

The commanding positions of the Guard hold specific individual titles. Some of these positions exist at all times, while others only during time of war. The perennial command positions are the Warden of Throneport, Defender of the Harbor, Master of the North Towers, and Master of the South Towers. Command positions only activated during wartime are the Throne’s Hand and Throne’s Champion.


The City Guard’s duty is to investigate outside threats to Throneport and protect the city against them. Their duties include guarding the city’s gates, important locations, and citizens. City Guards can be found posted at the Civil Palace, manning the city walls, and in the surrounding countryside.

City Guard patrols also keep watch on the rest of the island and the roads around it.


Soldiers of the City Guard wear yellow scale armor under green cloaks and tabards. They carry matching shields and wear conical helms of green and gold with fur trim, chainmail neck-guards, and topped by a spike. Both tabard and shield bear the symbol of Throneport, a crescent moon reflected over a bay, surrounded by five stars. They typically wield longswords, daggers, and darts coated with a paralytic poison, with other equipment as their posting requires, such as spears or tower shields. On missions outside the city, they are also equipped with bows.

City Guard

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