City Navy

Heavily reliant on maritime trade, Throneport has long maintained a powerful navy capable of defending itself and merchantmen against raiders, pirates, and monsters throughout Scions Sound. The navy’s primary purpose is to protect shipping traffic and keep supplies flowing into Thronehold, but on occasion has been used for punitive expeditions on pirate bases.


The fleet is based in the Naval Harbor and controls four forts on Deepwater Harbor. Throneport is known to have at least 16 armed fast patrol ships, or “rakers,” along with a number of smaller, shorter range close-in defense boats and a few transport ships to allow for a measure of strategic flexibility when responding to threats.

The fleet admiral is equal in rank to the City Guard’s Warden of Throneport, and ship captains outrank all but the most senior shorebound officer.


At least two naval rakers are always on patrol outside the harbor, and another two are on “ready” duty within the harbor. At least four others will be on extended patrol somewhere around Scions Sound on any day in peacetime.


Sailors of Throneport’s navy don’t typically wear armor, though they do have uniforms in the same colors as the City Guard- yellow and green- marked with the silhouette of a stylized sailing vessel. Marines typically wield cutlasses, daggers, and bows, and regularly use boarding pikes as vessels come to boarding range.

City Navy

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