City Watch

The City Watch of Waterdeep serves as the police force of Throneport. Its strict code of conduct and well trained operatives makes the City Watch trusted across the city.

The Watch’s purpose is not only to enforce the law, but also to ensure the well-being of the city’s residents.


The City Watch has a centralized command led by the Commander of the Watch, who supervises three watchlords, or senior commanders: the Mage Civilar in charge of the wizard corps; the Senior Armsmaster, who is in charge of supplies and reports directly to the Commander of the Watch; and the Grand Civilar, who commands the ward civilars and holds the same rank as the Mage Civilar.

Before the Treaty bifurcated the Wards, each Ward of the city was patrolled by a division of the Watch under the command of a ward civilar, or major, who oversaw all the senior civilars commanding the watch stations of their respective wards. Now, however, the Watch only patrols the southern part of the city. Karrnath, Aundair, and the Dragonmarked Houses have fully taken over security for their respective sectors, though they still adhere to the Code Civil and remand prisoners to city magisters for adjudication. The City Watch still patrols the rest of the city, though their presence is much reduced in Dock Ward due to the Brelish peacekeepers’ overwhelming numbers.

Each guard post is commanded by a senior civilar or captain, sometimes referred to as a rorden, who commands a number of patrols. Senior civilars also performed duties as orsars, acting as envoys and prisoner escorts.

Each patrol is headed by a civilar, or lieutenant, also known as a swordcaptain or armar. Typical patrol groups include one armar, or sergeant, also known as a “sword”, and two or more constables, also known as “blades”, patrolmen, or watchmen/watchwomen.


The City Watch performs everyday policing duties. They never act outside the walls of the city and do not pay much attention to the city’s sewers. They are a peacekeeping force, also responsible for solving crimes and apprehending criminals.

During particularly busy hours at important intersections, the Watch also employs traffic wardens to manage the flow of people and vehicles. Traffic wardens carry two flags: one blue, which signaled for traffic to proceed, and one yellow, which signaled for it to stop. They also employ whistles to call the attention of passersby, if necessary.

Base of Operations

The Watch’s main base of operations is the Civil Palace, at the foot of Thronehold.

There are multiple City Watch posts across the city. They are usually not located on the main streets, but are all identified by a green and gold lantern that hangs outside, permanently lit by a continual flame spell. These posts serve as local headquarters, armories, stations for people to report crimes, and temporary jailhouses to hold prisoners until they can be mmoved to a courthouse.


Members of the City Watch typically wear leather and chain armor and carry sturdy rod-like clubs, short swords, and daggers. Many of them also carry unique sounding horns, that function along with specific spells unique to the members of their organization.

City Watch

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