Dark Cabinet

The Dark Cabinet consists of each of the spymasters per regional lord having a seat. Kaius’ spymaster, Inconnu, runs the cabinet, but as the leader of a chamber rather than a commander in chief. The Dark Cabinet is separate from the Twilight Brigade, existing as a covert organization with agents that are more proactively secretive about their jobs and mission.

While this more democratic approach may be surprising for such a militarized country, the cabinet itself comes from many compromises that were necessary to replace the Order of the Emerald Claw’s intelligence capabilities. Kaius of course plans to increase his control and influence, but for now the Warlords have a surprising amount of autonomy.

Beneath the Dark Cabinet itself is each warlord’s own intelligence network. Some spymasters have well-developed webs of spies, many have only a handful of agents. These disparities reflect not only the competency of each spymaster, but the resources their lord is willing invest – while Rekkenmark does not shun intelligence studies, it has never been seen as a particularly honorable or glorious path.

When the Cabinet has decided some particular objective needs to be accomplished, each spymaster offers up resources to contribute – either personnel or material support. Spymasters who don’t pitch in their fair share are unlikely to make many friends or win much influence within the Cabinet’s politics, leaving them little opportunity to draw upon the aid of the other members when they need something done. Missions do not require majority support within the Cabinet. As it stands, the Cabinet functions more as a clearinghouse for multilateral agreements, with Moranna working to settle disputes and rally support for Kaius’ particular plans.

Dark Cabinet

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