The House of the Sentinel is the only militaristic order of the Dragonmarked Houses. Lead by Baron Breven d’Deneith and based in Karrlakton, they represent a neutral peacekeeping force in Khorvaire.Deneith_Seal.jpg

From its beginnings as an order of mercenaries and soldiers to its modern incarnation as the human face of law and battle, House Deneith has maintained its position as the primary force for security and defense in the Five Nations through the Mark of Sentinel. Though its fortunes rose during the Last War, the services Deneith renders are no less valuable in times of peace. Today, the house is as prosperous as ever, with its position of neutrality firmly established and a host of eager clients ready to use its services. This prosperity tells only half the story, however, and Deneith’s past fortunes might not be enough to guarantee the house’s future.

Major Constituent Families

Dalerna, Endira, Fostern

Local Organization

House Deneith’s primary and most visible presence in Throneport are the Throne Wardens and the city’s Griffon Cavalry, making them one of the few groups allowed on Thronehold’s slopes. As visitors and would be clients are not allowed on Thronehold, however, the House does its contracting out of the Warrant Building in near the southwestern edge of Trades Ward.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lady Clotrila d’Deneith
Commander, Throne Wardens: Platinum Blade Halden d’Cannith
Commander, Griffon Cavalry: Gold Blade Harika d’Cannith


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