Entering Throneport

The vast majority of visitors and trade come through the harbor. You are most likely to arrive in Throneport by ship, unless you can manage to book passage on an ‘unofficial’ vessel to Estaby and come overland across the island.

All those who arrive by ship are required to register with the harbor magister, just as all caravans arriving overland at the gates are required to register with the gate magister. Magisters can easily be recognized by the black robes they wear (and, in fact, are commonly called “black robes” as a result) and the City Guard force that always accompanies them. Be aware that magisters can pass a sentence without a trial- it is in your best interests to treat them with proper respect.

The only folk who are not required to register on arriving in Throneport are those who enter by way of a gate either individually or in a small group, and only if they do not intend to stay in the city for more than a week. And while such short-term individuals are not officially required to sign the magisters’ books, you can bet that in a city of such intrigue those people are noted by multiple surveillance services before they leave the gate plaza.

Registration subjects every resident of the city to monthly taxation. Failure to register, when required, or to pay required taxes can result in a fine or forced labor.

That said, many canny visitors with business for a month or a season betimes avail themselves of the hospitality of inns in Undercliff, the pleasant farmland east of the city proper. The less well-off often find accommodation in the Field Ward. Because neither are official wards of the city, they aren’t subject to taxation. Note, however, that because both these areas have yet to be formally accepted as wards of the city, they don’t benefit from the protections of Throneport’s laws or City Watch.

None of these rules apply to the city’s least used gate, the West Gate. This smaller gate opens onto the Mud Flats- a mucky beach used by clam diggers, shore fishers, and those brave enough to bathe in the cold waves. Those who make a living through fishing with nets or traps also use this gate, keeping their small boats on the beach to avoid docking fees. Locals register with the Guard as they exit and as they enter. No magister is stationed at the gate, but no new arrivals to Throneport are accepted here.

If you approach by air, expect a fly-by from the Griffon Cavalry. Only specially licensed airships, individuals, and flying mounts are allowed to fly in Thronehold’s airspace. If you do fly, for most people it is best to land well outside the city and approach on foot.

Entering Throneport

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