Field Ward

This district was once a caravan yard between Throneport’s two northernmost walls, kept free of settlement to serve as a killing field in times of war. As Cyran and other refugees from the Last War settled there after not being allowed into the city’s wealthy northern neighborhoods, the area has grown up into a lawless town of its own.

Though not an official ward of the city, the Field Ward is commonly referred to as one. No kingdom claims responsibility for it and the Watch doesn’t patrol this area, however, so many crimes go uninvestigated. The City Guard oversees the Field Ward from the walls around it, but its members get involved only when folk moving into or out of the city are threatened.

The area is a muddy mess, populated by the poorest people and those who take advantage of those folks’ desperation. Cyran war refugees and kalashtars and others fleeing imperial reprisal in Adar make up much of this Ward’s population but there were already poor and dispossessed people here before Cyre was destroyed.

Much like in the High Walls district in Sharn, charity groups have built shelters for the displaced here but need far outweighs the resources available. Preachers of the Path of Inspiration and missionaries of the Silver Flame are thick on the ground here, but there is only so much money to go around.

Field Ward has no sewer system and isn’t served by the Dungsweepers’ Guild- a fact that will be quite evident to your nose if you venture here.

The Guild of Butchers operates several slaughter houses, smokehouses, and leather-making facilities in the area- noisome operations that have been pushed out of the city proper. A word to the wise: being friendly with a burly fellow who is good with a knife is one of your best defenses in Field Ward. The other place you might solicit aid is Endshift Tavern, a popular stop for off-duty members of the City Guard, situated on the corner of Endshift Street and the Breezeway. Though the guards might not be inclined to assist you, being a visitor to Throneport technically obliges them to help you reach the city proper in safety.

Field Ward

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