Known for their kindness, the House of Hospitality is based out of Gatherhold, but their presence is felt throughout Khorvaire and into lands beyond.Ghallanda_Seal.jpg

Fine food, a comfortable chair, a mug of ale, and a roaring fire: These are the treasures of House Ghallanda. The blink dog seal of the house is a beacon for the weary traveler, as is the Mark of Hospitality on the innkeeper. When stamped on the trade sign of an inn or tavern, it promises reliable service and reasonable rates—but there might be more to this simple inn than meets the eye. House Ghallanda goes to great lengths to form bonds within local communities, and Ghallanda heirs take pride in being able to acquire special services for valued clients. The Ghallanda innkeeper is not a spy, nor does he solve crimes. He knows the word on the street, though, and if you’re looking for tickets to the Sharn Opera, a discreet bordello, or a trustworthy diviner, he can help you.

Though Ghallanda is known for its inns, the house has other holdings. Ghallanda landlords offer long-term housing, and the master chefs of the house prepare meals for kings and queens. The wealthy of Khorvaire vacation at Ghallanda resorts and gambling halls, while house decorators have helped to establish the aesthetic of the modern age. The heirs of House Ghallanda might not be as impressive as the arcanists of House Cannith or the warriors of Deneith, but it is dangerous to underestimate the power of this house. After all, many an adventurer feels more loyalty to his bartender than to his king.

Major Constituent Families

Burrows, Hornblower, Merrywine, Proudfoot

Local Organization

The Sleeping Hound is well known throughout Throneport for being one of the finest inns, taverns, and restaurants in the entire city. The crown jewel in House Ghallanda’s many offerings in the city has an extensive menu that is said to have a dish for every taste (though not every price point) and their bartenders’ challenge is that if they don’t have your drink in stock today, they’ll have it by the time you come back.

The Sleeping Hound itself is massive, with the public inn/tavern/restaurant taking up the first four floors of the squat building. Ghallanda’s administrative offices are above the Sleeping Hound and many, if not most, Ghallanda scions and agents in Thronehold keep their residences there as well.

Important People

Throneport Director: Herschem d’Ghallanda
Sleeping Hound Manager: Saal d’Ghallanda


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