Griffon Cavalry

Thronehold’s elite Griffon Cavalry is a highly trained unit of griffon-riding soldiers responsible for reconnaissance, search and rescue, and aerial defense of the city. Anyone who approaches Throneport by air, land, or sea is guaranteed to have been spotted by a Griffon Cavalry patrol long before they arrive at the city’s walls.


The exact size of the Griffon Cavalry is unknown but thought to be no higher than a hundred active fliers. This number is greatly multiplied by the number of Vadalis griffon breeders and trainers, administrative personnel, and other support persons who are also employed by the Griffon Cavalry.

A Griffon Cavalry patrol is typically made up of two riders and their mounts. Four junior patrols along with a senior patrol of air mounted civilars make up a cavalry squadron, and four squadrons with their officers make up a wing, commanded by an aumarr.

The Griffon Cavalry only recruits from two sources: either soldiers who have served at least one 2 year term in the Blademarks Guild or experienced and trusted members of the City Guard, specially nominated by the Warden of Throneport. Competition to enter the program is fierce, and esprit de corps for Griffon Cavalry members is extremely high. Once accepted, the competition hardly stops, as those folk driven to learn to fly are highly motivated to be the best they can be.


The Griffon Cavalry’s primary duty is to patrol the skies around Throneport to spot any potential threats before they are close enough to threaten the city. During daylight hours, there is always a squadron of Griffon Cavalry aloft to spy out ships at sea, approaching airships, and any other trouble that might be coming the city’s way. The rest of that squadron’s wing is held ready on the ground in case they are needed.

The Griffon Cavalry is also used for search and rescue, particularly in hazardous conditions when time is of the essence.

The Griffon Cavalry is based on one of Thronehold’s sub-peaks, known as the Peaktop Aerie. Peaktop Aerie is home to most of the Cavalry’s griffons and riders, but the Cavalry trains inland at ranch nestled in Thronehold’s most rugged hills. It is in the hills where Vadalis breeders nurture the next generation of cavalry griffons and would-be pilots test their mettle.


Griffon Cavalry soldiers dress in the same yellow scale armor under green cloaks and tabards as the City Guard, though theirs are marked with a rampant griffon to delineate them from the typical Guardsman. They carry matching shields and wear conical helms of green and gold with fur trim, chainmail neck-guards, and topped by a spike. They are typically armed with enchanted, flaming lances, masterwork longswords and shields, and magical shortbows. Each member also wears a badge enchanted to slow their fall in case they are thrown from their mount that acts like a Ring of Feather Falling.

Griffon Cavalry

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