“I might be a half-orc, but I’m more of a man than you.” – Drell, half-ore House Tharashk caravan guard

Strong and capable, half-orcs ably straddle two worlds: the civilized culture of humans and the tribal nature of orcs. Having existed alongside humans for centuries, half-orcs tend to be accepted among other races when found. Their hard work and brave hearts are valued by many.


The Eldeen Reaches, Droaam, and the Shadow Marches hold the largest populations of half-orcs, in ascending order of size. The half-orcs of the Eldeen Reaches descend from the small population of Gatekeeper orcs in the region. The half-orcs of Droaam are largely members of House Tharashk and ambassadors of its desires in the monster-ruled region. Humans and orcs have been living together in the Shadow Marches for two thousand years, and indeed the union of humans and half-orcs provoked the creation of House Tharashk.

Power Groups

House Tharashk is the only power center of the race, although a few half-orc settlements in the Shadow Marches have existed for generations. Half-orcs can generally find a warmer welcome from members of House Tharashk and the
settlements and tribes of the Shadow Marches than they can from the communities of other races.


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