Quick, capable, and adaptable, halflings have found wealth and adventure among the nations of Khorvaire. From their humble beginnings in the wilds of the Talenta Plains, today halflings can be found throughout the Five Nations and beyond. Most have some connection to one of the two halfling-controlled dragonmarked houses, but a few nonaffiliated halflings have made their way to the great cities in search of fame and fortune.


ln the Talenta Plains, tribal halflings carry on the ancient traditions and live a nomadic existence. In the cities of the Five Nations, generations of halfiings have
grown up without ever seeing their ancient homeland. Between these two distinct lifestyles, the house agents operate. These are the members of the houses that
move freely between the cities of Khorvaire and the Talenta Plains, switching mindsets and outfits as easily as bards switch roles on the stages of M iddle Menthis’s theater district. While these halflings can move with ease between the “city culture” and the traditions of the Talenta Plains, they usually carry small reminders of their ancestors’ culture with them as reminders.

Halflings associated with one of the dragonmarked houses and living in the Five Nations see themselves as members of their house first and as halflings second. Many feel a kinshjp with the nation and community in which they live, but outwardly at least all members of a dragonmarked house must maintain the appearance of neutrality.

Power Groups

The halflings of House Jorasco are cosmopolitan and cultured in the ways of the Five Nations. As members of the prestigious Healers Guild, they serve all in need (and who can pay) with both mundane and magical healing.

The halflings of House Ghallanda maintain more ties to the Talenta Plains and keep more of the ancient traditions of their people – even if some of those traditions have been updated to life in the Five Nations. The Hostelers Guild’s members work to enforce standards of quality and cleanliness throughout the best eating establishmems across Khorvaire, and the seal of the house ensures travelers that they will receive excellent service in any business bearing the mark.


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