Lead by Baroness Ulara d’Jorasco, the House of Healing is based out of Vedykar in Karrnath, an irony that is not overlooked by the many healers and surgeons of this House. But for many, their medical skill is all that keeps disaster from becoming tragedy.Jorasco_Seal.jpg

The halflings of House Jorasco hold the Mark of Healing, and their good works have saved countless lives. They heal the sick and the dying, and provide comfort and respite for those whom even magic cannot cure. They often work hand in hand with House Ghallanda, giving travelers access to healing and aid even in remote areas. By those who owe their health or life to the Mark of Healing, Jorasco’s name is praised.

At the same time, Jorasco is not a charity institution. As a dragonmarked house, it is an economic stronghold of epic proportions, offering its services to all who need them—and are able to pay. This mercenary approach to succor rubs many people the wrong way, however, particularly the poor and indigent who cannot afford a healer’s services regardless of need.

Major Constituent Families

Brushgather, Goodfellow, Greenbottle, Tealeaf

Local Organization

House Jorasco operates many businesses throughout Throneport but their central offices and House enclave in Trades Ward is the Eluria Building, which is part medical offices, part research center, and part administrative offices. Jorasco does not maintain a residential enclave for its scions and agents but most Jorasco affiliated personnel live near the Eluria Building.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lady Lorelea d’Jorasco


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