kalashtarsm.jpgKalashtar are a race of psionic humanoids from Adar on the continent of Sarlona. The kalashtar are a compound race: a merging of risen quori from the plane of Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams and the human bodies and spirits of Adar to form a distinct species.

Eberron Pathfinder rules page.

Many Kalashtar are reclusive and prefer to stay in the temple-keeps of Adar, however, some driven by purpose venture out into Eberron. Some of those that leave wish to end the siege on Adar by the Riedrans and others leave in an attempt to escape the Dreaming Dark. Kalashtar are commonly reserved, tranquil and tend to spend significant time thinking something through before acting. They’re kind and caring towards others though, in an intellectual manner rather than emotional. It is not known exactly why kalashtar take a keen interest in controlling their emotions however, it is commonly believed that it is due to the turmoil they suffer from their conjoined souls. They express their friendship with a wry smile and through offhand comments rather than being cordial or making lewd jokes. The fragments of the quori soul subsumed within the kalashtar keenly remember their escape from Dal Quor, and long to return someday.

Kalashtar fleeing and hiding from the Dreaming Dark are cautious of others, though they remain invaribaly polite, kind, and even compassionate. Kalashtar are unable to merge their human half’s sensitivity with the strange and wild visions and memories of their quori souls. Beneath their serene makeup, kalashtar are at conflict within themselves, struggling to fend off insanity. At times they begin to lose that struggle, displaying confusing and sometimes dangerous behavior. Dealing with The Dreaming Dark is the most important goal for kalashtar characters, as most see them as the ultimate evil in existence.


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