Founded in the Mror Holds, the House of Warding is truest financial power in Khorvaire. Lead by Lord Morriken d’Kundarak, the dwarves of this house are known for their gold and their ability to keep very secure.Kundarak_Seal.jpg

As civilization develops and expands, the need grows for security and standardization in the commerce between peoples. The dwarves of House Kundarak, with their Mark of Warding, understand this better than anyone else. The power and wealth of this house stem not just from its influence over banking and finance, but from the safeguarding of all valuables. The rich veins of gold, iron, copper, and other minerals found in their hold in the Ironroot Mountains have made the Kundarak dwarves some of the wealthiest individuals on Khorvaire, and the house has spent centuries parlaying that wealth into a financial empire.

Major Constituent Families

Belen, Dagna, Krem, Rurik

Local Organization

House Kundarak’s central offices in Trades Ward are in the Bank of Throneport, a block-sized bank and office building. All important House functions are run out of this labyrinthine stone and steel structure and every official member of the House has a residence in the apartments above the bank’s public areas.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lord Gerrold d’Kundarak
Triune of The Twelve Shields: Iron Guard Imrena d’Kundarak


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