Lords of Dust

The Lords of Dust is an alliance of fiends—mostly rakshasa, as they are the most common native fiends of Eberron—who serve the interests of the fiendish Overlords bound in the Age of Demons.

There were originally approximately thirty of these Overlords and their power was equivalent to that of gods. Most exerted influence over a region akin to a large modern nation, but some had more subtle influence reaching across the entire world. The Overlords are part of the very fabric of reality, and they cannot be destroyed any more that you can destroy death or treachery. They can only be bound, and that only with the guidance of the Prophecy. The only known force capable of binding them is the Silver Flame, which was created by the sacrifice of the Couatl host, a sacrifice that created an immortal force of light to contain the immortal force of darkness.

Most mortals who serve the Lords of Dust do so unwittingly, working for fiends who have infiltrated other organizations, from other evil organizations like the Cults of the Dragon Below to forces for good like the Church of the Silver Flame. Fiends are immortal, and their schemes can span generations- they could support an otherwise good-aligned organization or individual for decades to further an evil plot that will not bear fruit for centuries.

But some select mortals- the mad, the desperate, the most power hungry- may seek out the Overlords or their servants on their own, looking for some secret source of power hidden from everyone else.

Lords of Dust

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