Based on their island home of Stormhome, the House of the Storm is most independent and defiant of the houses. Lead by Baroness Esravash d’Lyrandar, they are committed to being as free and far-reaching as the weather they control.Lyrandar_Seal.jpg

House Lyrandar bears the Mark of Storm, using its power to dominate the shipping trade and shape the weather for economic gain. Members of the house see themselves as the heart of the Khoravar (or half-elf) race, divinely chosen to guide their people into the future. The Lyrandar viceroys are proud and ruthless: lords of wind and water, with powers any king would envy. The development of the airship has served to increase Lyrandar’s already considerable power, and the house is poised to become one of the most influential organizations in Khorvaire.

Major Constituent Families

Ashera, Malena, Syrina, Taelyn

Local Organization

Lyrandar has an extensive enclave based around Trades Ward’s only public airship tower, Cloudspire. The House maintains a secure compound around Cloudspire to conduct business, house House scions and agents, and to warehouse sensitive and perishable goods shipped into Throneport via airship.

Through its affiliated guild of longshoremen, Lyrandar also controls most of the warehouses in Dock Ward.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lord Riaan d’Lyrandar


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