One of the youngest and most modest of the houses, the House of Detection is lead by Baron Trelib d’Medani from their home in the Brelish capital of Wroat. Their ability to uncover deception and their candor to testify is what this house relies on to be the voice of truth through Khorvaire.Medani.jpg

Of the twelve dragonmarked houses, House Medani has the lowest profile—and that’s how the house’s heirs prefer it. The half-elves of Medani bear the Mark of Detection. Through the Warning Guild, they offer their services as bodyguards, inquisitives, and sentries to clients across Khorvaire.

Medani is the youngest of the dragonmarked houses to originate within the Five Nations, with the Mark of Detection appearing only shortly before the War of the Mark. The Medani families banded together in pre-Galifar Breland prior to that conflict, but had few aspirations beyond being left alone. Only in the aftermath of the War of the Mark did Medani’s elders bow to the pressure of the other houses and take their place among the dragonmarked.

Despite often strained relations with the other houses, Medani’s collective voice carries weight. The house’s warnings are ignored at the listener’s peril, but Medani’s iconoclastic nature makes it sometimes difficult to work with.

Major Constituent Families

Brina, Haydith, Landas

Local Organization

In keeping with the House’s desire to maintain a low profile, House Medani does not maintain a large fortified compound. Instead, they keep their primary administrative offices in the Triune’s offices in the bastion of The Twelve Shields and other businesses scattered throughout Trades Ward.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lady Wroenna d’Medani
Triune of The Twelve Shields: Detective Commissioner Elazti d’Medani


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