The House of Passage was one of the most prosperous of the houses before and during the Last War. Unfortunately, even from his seat in Passage of Aundair, Baron Kwanti d’Orien is looking at what could possibly be the last days of his House. Trapped in circle of crippling debt, even those that can bend space cannot escape the long grasp of their debtors.Orien_Seal.jpg

The house of transport and transit, Orien is a name known across Khorvaire. No other house directly touches as many lives, whether through the lightning rail that once connected the great cities of the Five Nations, the caravans that traverse rural lands, or the couriers who deliver letters and packages virtually anywhere.

House Orien’s businesses have been pervasive (and profitable) since before the first appearance of the Mark of Passage on the humans. However, the Last War took a heavy toll on this house—one from which it has yet to recover. After decades of effort, House Orien had spanned the Five Nations with its lightning rail, but the war and the Day of Mourning shattered the house’s intercontinental links. Today, the organization is bent on recovery, but fresh competition from House Lyrandar and the instability of Khorvaire’s new age are challenges the house has yet to overcome.

Major Constituent Families

Lareth, Milya, Rikard, Roywin

Local Organization

Without a lightning rail line or a land route for caravans to reach Thronehold, House Orien has always had the least presence in Throneport of all the Dragonmarked Houses. The House owns a small building in Trades Ward to keep up what limited operations it does have in the city, but its efforts and manpower are dwarfed by House Lyrandar, with their monopoly on sea and air transportation. They do maintain an interest in Amphail, consulting with local and House Vadalis breeders on horse breeding techniques.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lord Alain d’Orien


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