Path of Inspiration

The Path of Inspiration is the state religion of the great empire of Riedra.

The main precept of the Path of Inspiration is that devotion to the il-altas, the great spirits, comes first. They believe these great spirits are opposed by evil gods and fiends, which they call the altavars. These evil spirits tempt the faithful to wander from the path and threaten their ability to progress along the path to the next life in the cycle of reincarnation.

Most Riedrans are taught the precepts of the Path of Inspiration by the sermons of the priests during waking hours and from lessons broadcast from the quori monoliths into their dreams at night.

In Khorvaire, the Path of Inspiration is known for its good works and charity, frequently providing shelter for the homeless and food and other supplies for the needy. Many a priest of Inspiration can be found in the slums of Khorvaire’s great cities, healing the sick and feeding the hungry.

Path of Inspiration

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