One of the oldest and most secretive houses, House Phiarlan represent roughly half of those blessed with the Mark of Shadow. Lead by Baroness Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan, this house is known for its roles as entertainers, courtesans and gossipers. Yet, no one would be foolish enough to deny their political power.Phiarlan_Seal.jpg

The world at large knows the elves of House Phiarlan as entertainers of the highest order. This role is not simply a cover for the secret work of the house, but a tradition that dates back tens of thousands of years. For many members of the house, it is the only trade they follow. Though stories abound that attest the elves of Phiarlan are spies and assassins, the people of Khorvaire treat these as children’s tales. Phiarlan’s virtuous performers are known across the continent for their talents—who would believe that they sneak offstage and kill people during intermission? In a world that includes changelings, doppelgangers, and rakshasas, people have enough real spies to worry about.

In truth, House Phiarlan controls one of the finest intelligence networks in Khorvaire with the Mark of Shadow, but these services are available only to guildmasters, nobles, and others the house recognizes as players in the great game of politics and power. How do the twin paths of entertainment and espionage converge? To understand the present, one must look to the past.

Major Constituent Families

Elorrenthi, Shol, Tialaen

Local Organization

House Phiarlan’s administrative offices are in the ICA (Institute for the Creative Arts) Building in Trades Ward. They operate a talent scouting agency and host a number of workshops and rehearsal studios there, as well. Their overt presence is not felt as strongly as most other Houses in Throneport, but behind the scenes they operate most of the entertainment venues in the city.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lord Ovet d’Phiarlan
ICA Head Agent: Lady Levini d’Phiarlan


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