Points of Interest

Castle Ward

  • Cathedral of the Church of the Silver Flame
  • Civil Palace – city administration, courts, and City Guard barracks
  • Font of Knowledge – public library and temple of Aureon
  • Mount Melody Walk – beautifully decorated tunnel dug through Thronehold mountain to New Olamn, site for frequent outdoor concerts
  • New Olamn – bard’s college on the western side of Thronehold, outside the imperial grounds
  • Spires of the Morning – beautiful temple of Dol Arrah
  • The Market – the largest open market in the city, where merchants rent temporary stalls by the day, the surrounding neighborhood is home to a number of moneylenders and pawn shops
  • Tower of the Order of Watchful Magists and Protectors
  • Yawning Portal – famous tavern built around a well that descends into the rat’s nest of tunnels and dungeons the city is built over

Dock Ward

  • City Docks
  • Embassy of Breland
  • The Keelhauled Dwarf – subterranean tavern frequented by Daask members and other non-humanoids
  • The Monster Pit – abandoned gladiatorial arena beneath a smithy and a tavern, sometimes still used to settle disputes
  • The Old Xoblob Shop – curio shop with a stuffed beholder in the front window
  • The Warrens – neighborhood of tunnels, buried passageways, narrow alleys, and built-over streets underneath the visible streets populated by halfling, gnomes, and other smallfolk

North Ward

  • Airship terminal
  • Cliffwatch – cliff-side street with one of the best views of the countryside east of Throneport
  • Embassy of Aundair
  • Olladra’s Fancy
  • Trollskull Alley

Sea Ward

  • Airship Terminal
  • Blue Alley – dangerous enchanted alley
  • Embassy of Karrnath
  • The Field of Triumph – center for public sporting events
  • The Heroes Garden – public statue garden
  • The House of Heroes – largest temple to the Sovereign Host in the city, dedicated to Dol Dorn
  • The House of the Moon – tall tower temple of Balinor
  • The House of Inspired Hands – engineering workshop, classrooms, and lecture halls and temple of Onatar
  • The House of Wonder – temple of Aureon
  • Shrines to Nature – public park and shrines to the natural aspects of Arawai and Boldrei
  • Temple of Beauty – public baths and grooming salons and temple of Arawai
  • Tower of Luck – temple of Olladra

Southern Ward

  • Caravan Court – hectic area for entering or leaving through the Southern Gate to muster or disband
  • Embassy of Thrane
  • The Jade Dancer – festhall named for the jade statue that serves as entertainment and as a bouncer
  • The Moon Sphere – manifest zone tourist attraction
  • The Waymoot – a magical signpost that directs travelers to any spoken destination in the city, complete with distance and an arrow pointing the way

Trades Ward

  • The Bank of Throneport – block-sized bank and secure office building and Kundarak enclave
  • Bastion of the Twelve – headquarters for The Twelve Shields and small Medani and Tharashk enclaves
  • Cloudspire – public airship tower and Lyrandar enclave
  • Court of the White Bull – dangerous wild magic zone
  • The Eluria Building – hospital/research center and Jorasco enclave
  • Everbright Neighborhood – tourist attraction for the latest inventions and technology and Cannith enclave
  • The House of Green Vines – Vadalis enclave
  • The ICA Building – talent scouting agency/creative workshops and rehearsal halls and Phiarlan enclave
  • The Orien Building – minor Orien enclave
  • The Piper Building – legal offices and Sivis enclave
  • The Sleeping Hound – enormous inn/tavern/restaurant and Ghallanda enclave
  • The Warrant Building – Deneith contracting office (not the Deneith enclave)

Points of Interest

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