Public Amenities

Throneport has an extensive waste management system, with most buildings connected directly to the sewers. Public facilities can be found near every large gathering place, from the Field of Triumph to the smallest public park. ln places without ready access to sewers or public outhouses, the Dungsweepers’ Guild makes multiple rounds each day, collecting urine and excrement separately-for use in industry and agriculture, respectively.

Also notice how clean the streets are kept. This upkeep is due in large part to the hard work of the Dungsweepers’ Guild. Dungsweepers can be seen working their brooms and carts at every hour of the day-and for a few hours after dark-all over the city, removing not just animal dung but other refuse. This service is free to all, paid for by taxes rendered to the city-although an egregious amount of trash left for pickup will result in a separate bill from the guild.

Another amenity soon appreciated by newcomers to the city is Throneport’s water system. With public fountains and wells all about the city, clean water is plentiful. Many buildings have pumps of their own to draw water from the local supply, and some even possess taps that pour out water with the twist of a knob. This convenience is made possible by the inventiveness of House Cannith and the industry of the Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild.

Waterdeep is also a city of light. Where the coming of night means darkness in other cities, everbright lanterns illuminate signs and most of the streets in the city. Everywhere but in Trades Ward and the City of the Dead, these lanterns are maintained by the constant effort of the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters. The city’s largest green space and enormous cemetery is lit by hundreds of driftglobes that bob around the City of the Dead at night and float over the rest of the city during the day, an enchantment whose origins no one can remember. Trades Ward, meanwhile, is lit up day and night in the neon glow of thousands of illusory, animated signs warring for passers-by attention. Some of these are tall as buildings while others interact with people who stop to talk to them!

Lastly, Throneport is highly literate. The priest-librarians from the Font of Knowledge offer free instruction in reading to all who desire it, and the city has over thirty publishers of broadsheets in addition to chapbook printers and book publishers. Large paper advertisements are plastered onto alley walls, and smaller ones are passed out by those hired by businesses to trumpet their services. Printed menus can be found posted in the windows of most eateries and are handed out to those who dine within. Admittedly, you’ll see less reading material in Dock Ward and Field Ward, but this fact is notable only because of its preponderance elsewhere.

Public Amenities

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