The members of the House of Scribing have always been known as meticulous record keepers, librarians and trusted advisors. What most don’t realize is that under her leadership from Korranburg, Baroness Doyenne Lysse Lyrriman d’Sivis often has a direct connection to the many and varied power plays throughout Khorvaire and beyond.Sivis_Seal.jpg

People often underestimate the value of a carefully chosen word, but not the gnomes of House Sivis. Language drives the wealth and power of this house, and Sivis has changed the shape of communication in the modern age. It is the arcane mark of a Sivis heir’s Mark of Scribing that proves the worth of a Kundarak letter of credit, and the speaking stones of House Sivis that allow an Aundairian sage to contact his brother in Q’barra. Whether serving as translators, mediators, or conduits for long-distance communication, the heirs of House Sivis build bridges between people, nations, and cultures. House Sivis has long served as a stabilizing force among the dragonmarked houses, and has maintained its reputation for absolute neutrality for nearly three thousand years.

Major Constituent Families

Corralyn, Lyrriman, Syrralan

Local Organization

Through their associated local guild, the Scriviners’, Scribes’, and Clerks’ Guild, House Sivis operates many offices scattered throughout the city, but the central location for House Sivis related business is at the Piper Building in Trades Ward. While not as intimidating a monument to security and stability as House Kundarak’s massive Bank of Throneport, the Piper Building is rumored to be one of the second or third most well protected facilities in the city. House Sivis protects many secrets, and it pays extremely well to keep them just that- secret.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lord Huys d’Sivis


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