Taxes and Fees

Throneport collects a monthly tax from all who live within its official wards. The tax is 1 silver sovereign per person above the age of ten years, and is collected door-to-door by patrols of the City Watch on the last day of each month.

Individuals who so desire can pay a single golden galifar in tax and receive a writ exempting them for twelve months, but the writ must be produced every month when the Watch calls, or a new payment is required. If the Watch knocks at a door and receives no answer, a notice of lien with an estimation of tax is affixed to the door. The debt must be dealt with before the next month ends, with payment to be made to any magister.

Those who have no fixed residence can still be taxed if they are confronted in any building, be it an inn or an outhouse. So if you’re out and around on the last day of the month, you’ll no doubt experience “taxing traffic” as the streets become clogged with people trying to avoid the collectors.

The city also raises revenue by charging other fees, such as the following:

  • 1 copper crown per day for rental of a stall in the Market
  • 1 silver sovereign (above and beyond any fines imposed) from anyone convicted by a magister, per conviction
  • 1 gold galifar per conveyance leaving the city, empty or full
  • 5 gold galifars per ship that touches dock in Waterdeep (except for city ships and diplomatic vessels), collected from the captain and covering a stay of up to fourteen days (a ship that leaves the harbor and returns during that time pays the tax upon reentry)

In times of trouble, direct taxes can also be imposed:

  • A fire tax (usually 1 galifar per household), levied whenever a fire destroys a large portion of the city
  • A wall tax or harbor tax (usually 1 galifar per household) raised to directly pay for needed repairs or expansions
  • A lance tax raised to provide a payroll for mercenaries hired by the city when required (usually 1 crown per household each week until the city repeals the tax)

Taxes and Fees

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