The House of Finding is unique among the houses in many ways. It is comprised equally of humans and half-orcs, lead not by a single patriarch, but by a triumvirate of their most skilled, and, based out of Zarash’ak, one of the least illustrious capitals in Khorvaire, is the only Dragonmarked House to make contact with the monsters of Droaam.Tharashk_Seal.jpg

The humans and half-orcs of House Tharashk carries the Mark of Finding, and its powers allow Tharashk heirs to track lost relics and living creatures alike. The ancestors of the house were savage hunters who drew on the power of their marks to track prey through the murky depths of the Shadow Marches. The spirit of the hunter lives on in the house today. Though one of the youngest houses, Tharashk possesses a vibrant competitive spirit that drives its efforts to increase its influence.

Major Constituent Families

Aashta, Torrn, Velderan

Local Organization

Much like their frequent competitor and sometime collaborator, House Medani, Tharashk does not maintain a large fortified compound in Throneport. They don’t keep such a low profile though, and their administrative offices can be found in the Finders’ Guild building, separate from their Triune’s offices in The Twelve Shields’ bastion.

Important People

Throneport Director: Kalash’aashta
Triune of The Twelve Shields: Taran d’Tharashk


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