The Walking Statues

The Walking Statues are mighty constructs thought to have been built for the defense of holy temples, ancient vaults and the most important sites, castles, and fortresses of the ancient city that once stood where Throneport now exists.

The statues are so enormous and so integral to the city that grew up around them that several neighborhoods have grown up around, on top of, or even inside the gigantic figures. So tall they can usually be seen over the surrounding buildings, the Walking Statues are frequently used as landmarks when giving directions.

Rumor says that wizards and artificers have found that unlike most constructs, the walking statues were free-willed, thinking creatures who could reason, learn and remember. Some even say they are still active, able to stand still for centuries at a time, remaining endlessly vigilant, but all the while deep in thought until an appropriate threat rears its head and requires them to intervene. Its not uncommon to hear a tale about how someone knows someone who knows someone who has spoken to the enormous figures and gotten a response in old fashioned Common.

The Statues

The Walking Statues

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