Throne Wardens

The Throne Wardens of House Deneith’s sole duty is to protect and maintain Galifar’s imperial palace on Thronehold, waiting for the day when a new King is crowned and takes their place on the throne. It is considered one of the highest honors in the House to serve as a Throne Warden. Fewer than 20 percent of all volunteers are accepted for training and of those only a fraction pass training to become full-fledged Wardens.


House Deneith closely protects the numbers and structure of the Throne Wardens. Most think there are less than 600 active or in training at any one time. Only experienced members of the House Deneith’s Defenders Guild can apply to train as a Throne Warden.


The Throne Wardens patrol Thronehold’s grounds and prevent unauthorized entry onto the mountain and especially into the imperial palace itself. Throne Wardens keep up a ceremonial guard for the public at the gates at the bottom of the road up the mountain, with a highly ritualized changing of the guard ceremony every hour during daylight. Unknown to most, the Wardens also perform a mirror changing of the guard ceremony in the palace’s throneroom at the same time. Beyond their ceremonial duties, Throne Wardens patrol the mountain and the entire grounds of Thronehold as well.

Throne Wardens are expected to keep their weapons and gear in unimpeachable shape. When not on ceremonial duty they are subject to daily inspection and when they are Guarding the Gate their are inspected hourly.

They are not merely ceremonial. Every Throne Warden is a highly capable warrior, even those whose skills tend toward less-visible duties. Other than the Throne Wardens and their support personnel, only vetted groundskeepers and maintenance personnel and those working with the Griffon Cavalry at Peak Aerie are allowed past the gates at the foot of the mountain, and the Wardens are not gentle with those who do not belong.


During the day or whenever carrying out ceremonial duties, Throne Wardens wear gleaming, heavy mithral armor with full face helmets and tabards bearing the arms of Galifar. Every Throne Warden seen by the public is armed identically, carrying fauchards and falcatas with heavy mithral shields.

At night or when otherwise out of the public eye, Wardens are allowed to wear their preferred weapons and armor.

Throne Wardens

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