The ancient palace of the empire of Galifar straddles a mountaintop on an island in the middle of Scions Sound. This palace, situated between four of the Five Nations, was the center of imperial government from which King Galifar I and his descendants ruled the continent. While largely abandoned for most of the Last War, it was been maintained and zealously guarded by a special contingent of House Deneith guards, the Throne Wardens.

King Kaius decided to hold the peace talks to end the Last War on this solemn, almost mythical ground. Indeed, he was surprised at how the Wardens had kept the place in good repair, and amazed that apparently none of the chaos of the Last War had touched the island. It remains a neutral place, a memory in stone of the glory that once spanned the Five Nations.


Population: 1,215,179
Area: 1,641 sq.mi. (4,250
Major Settlements: Estaby, Throneport
Climate: Short, cool summers and long, harsh winters. The average daily temperatures range from 63.9 °F (17.7 °C) at mid-summer in Lharvion to 6.3 °F (−14.3 °C) at mid-winter in Zarantyr. The average daily high in Lharvion is 75.7 °F (24.3 °C) and the average daily high in Zarantyr is 17.6 °F (−8.0 °C).

The island is quite sunny, with an average of 2121 hours of bright sunshine each year, ranging from 268.1 hours in Lharvion to 86.2 hours in Aryth. Winters are comparatively dry with the snowfall being very limited and temperatures quite cold. Being in the middle of Scions Sound prevents the lake-effect snow seen on the nearby continent, and the weather could typically be described as humid continental, with 4 distinct seasons.


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