Representing half of those with the Mark of Shadow, House Thuranni was once part of House Phiarlan. Now separated, this house is known for its spies and assassins. Based out of Tantamar, Baron Elar d’Thuranni makes certain that no one dares threaten his extended family ever again.Thuranni_Seal.jpg

Though the Mark of Shadow was the first of the dragonmarks to appear, the elves of House Thuranni are the youngest of the dragonmarked houses. Like their cousins in House Phiarlan, the Thuranni lead double lives. Known among the general populace as fine artists and courtiers, they are equally well known among the knowledgeable elite as purveyors of secrets and dark deeds. In a short time (especially by elven reckoning), the Thuranni Shadow Network has grown to rival and even eclipse its parent sect, the Serpentine Table of House Phiarlan. In espionage and undercover work, agents of the new house have as good a reputation as their Phiarlan brethren. In assassination, House Thuranni has a distinct and dangerous edge—one that makes many within the dragonmarked houses uneasy.

The edicts of Korth demand that the dragonmarked houses maintain strict neutrality with regard to the political concerns of the land. However, the work of espionage is, by its nature, inextricably linked with the affairs of nations and their partisan concerns. For that reason above all others, existing conflicts within House Phiarlan grew out of control, ultimately leading to House Thuranni’s break from the rest of the house in 972 YK—an event now known as the Shadow Schism.

Major Constituent Families

Thuranni, Uruvai

Local Organization

House Thuranni keeps no offices and has no official enclave in Throneport. House Phiarlan is the face of entertainment in Throneport and their Thuranni cousins don’t attempt to upset the status quo. However, it is known that if you are of the proper status and have enough money and you make it known you need the services of House Thuranni, a representative will arrive to discuss terms with you.

Important People

Throneport Director: None
Estaby Director: Marrath d’Thuranni


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