Tower of the Order

The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors is the guild of wizards and sorcerers for the city of Throneport. However, while technically a guild, the Watchful Order functions primarily as a mage academy. With permission of the powers controlling the various Wards, the Watchful Order also polices the use of magic within Throneport, encouraging wizards to use magic wisely.

The Order provides many services to its members, including a venue for trading spell components and magical items. They serve the city by providing spell wards for wealthy inhabitants and fire fighting through the use of water elementals. They also maintains important wards throughout the city.

The Magists also provide many services to the public. Members can earn extra money serving as a fire guard, firefighter, or spell guard. A fire guard is hired to stand watch over a building and squelch any fires that may start as well as alert the firefighters. A firefighter is just that – they are summoned to put out fires with magic. A spell guard serves as a bodyguard to counter magical attacks.

This is an ancient guild, which has existed in Throneport since before the Dragonmarked Houses came to the city in force. Their protective services make them a competitor to Medani and Tharashk but so far the Watchful Order has maintained its independence.

Tower of the Order

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