Trollskull Alley


Trollskull Alley is a narrow passage that winds through the interior of the city block surrounded by closely constructed townhomes, many of which have been converted into businesses. The neighborhood is bounded on the North and South by Saerdoun Street and Delzorin Street and in the East and West by Whaelgond Way and Windborne Way, respectively. Two entrance points enter into the alley from Saerdoun Street and one from Delzorin Street. The alley itself runs parallel to Delzorin Street at its eastern end.

At the southeast end of the alley, closest to the intersection between Whaelgond Way and Delzorin Street, a removable metal grate opens into a surface shaft that led to the Waterdhavian sewer system.

During the daylight hours the alley is filled with an open-air marketplace full of temporary stalls selling produce, prepared food, and goods not otherwise found in the shops around Trollskull Alley.

Trollskull Alley map


TrollSkull Manor
The Bent Nail, a woodworking shop run by the half-elf carpenter Talisolvanar Fellbranch
Steam and Steel, a forge co-owned and run by the fire genasi Embric, an expert weapons maker, and the water genasi Avi, an expert armorsmith
Corellon’s Crown, an apothecary shop and greenhouse owned by the wood elf druid Fala Lefaliir
The Tiger’s Eye, a private detective’s office run by wildhunt shifter investigator Vincent Trench
Book Wyrm’s Treasure, a bookshop owned by the gold dragonborn Rishaal
Salon Lemieux, directly across the street from Trollskull Manor, this window-fronted building has a glaring, animated illusionary sign that all the latest treatments for skin, hair, and nails, run by Gloriana Lemieux
Krinklenose Residence, an impressive residence with decorated with a grapes and vines motif
Barksdale Residence, a small, somewhat shabby two-story townhome
Havershambles, a small ornate shop with an elaborate stone façade which reads: “Havershamble’s Jewelry and Fine Mechanicals, est. 948 YK.”
Salon Lemieux Deux, almost directly across the street from Trollskull Manor, this window-fronted beauty shop looks almost exactly the same as its immediate neighbor, run by Floriana Lemieux
Murkledorn’s Academy, a massive four-story building with a small courtyard and an impressive set of double doors flanked by marble lions. The engraving on the marble lintel reads “Murkledorn’s Manor of Fine Educatorial Pursuits”
Murkledorn’s Academy Annex
Stickee and Sweet, a lovely three-story townhome with ground floor windows displaying candies of every possible shape, size, and flavor
Kundarak Bank, North Ward, Trollskull Alley branch
Barristan Residence, a well appointed three story townhouse with flower boxes in every window
Tamori Residence, a three story townhouse decorated in an elaborate dragon design
Miss Pixie’s Famous Toymakers, an inviting storefront decorated with colorful banners and streamers that dance in the wind and toys of all shapes, sizes, and materials made by dwarven toymaker Pixie Brightheart
Perry Davis & Son’s Accomplished Alchemical Admixtures, a store whose stone doors bear the chiseled image of a bubbling potion vial, run by father and son alchemists
Teatro Zan Zinni, a grand three-story building with a prominent sign and playbills plastered across its front that puts on shows of its own and also features traveling acts
Teatro Zan Zinni Annex
Beluska’s Boarding House, a large wooden house with impressive porches and balconies, this inn takes in both long and short term guests and is run by the half-orc innkeeper Beluska
The Balanced Dish, an upscale Karrnathi eatery run by Brelir Doryek
Carlowe Residence, a modest townhome with yellow curtains
Zoltara Residence, a large townhouse with white curtains that are always drawn and a sign with a crystal ball over the main door, the residence and shop of Madame Zoltara, a medium and fortune teller
Du Pain Pierre, an upscale Aundairian pastry shop run by half-elf Pierre Silverymoon
Appleton’s Fine Comestibles, a grocery store run by the Appleton family
Trollskull Tailor, a three-story townhome with a recessed entry and large glass display windows featuring well dressed mannequins
Daisy’s, a florist run by Daisy Thorn
Burnblast Glassblowers, a glassworks run by dwarf glassblower Anberra Burnblast
Frewn’s Brews, a brewpub with a sunken entrance and a large folding wall that opens out onto Trollskull Alley, run by Emmek Frewn who tried to buy Trollskull Manor but was outbid
Ashforth, a somber building with a small courtyard and a recessed entrance housing a funeral home run by the Ashforth family
Catnap Cleanse & Continue, a powerfully fragrant shop run by a pair of tabaxi, Bubble (a soap maker) and Bee (a chandler)
The Under-Over, a building nestled snugly under the overhanging second story of The Over-Under, supporting its weight with a front door is slightly smaller than human height, run by Huey and Inga Rustybuck, an elderly halfling couple who make shoes and craft underclothes
The Over-Under, the second story of this building hangs over and rests on top of the roof of the shop beneath, The Under-Over, and has a wide-brimmed leather hat on its sign, run by Kiki and Vara Inulekali, a haberdasher and leatherworker (and leather armorer)
Englehart Residence, one of the older buildings in the neighborhood, with dusty relics just visible through the warped glass of the windows, houses the collection of elderly human sage Baltasar Englehart
Krinklenose Warehouse, a large building with an armed guard and the letters ‘KN’ entwined in vines and grapes burned into the wagon-sized doors
Galabaude’s Art and Antiques, a meticulously maintained building with a sign that reads “Galabaude’s Art and Antiques, the Finest in All of Galifar, est. 870 YK”
Multari Residence, a stone townhouse decorated with richly dyed banners that hang from the rafters to the ground
Zephyr Post, a stationary and writing supply store that also operates a Sivis message station
Throneport Transport, a custom wheelrod crafting and repair shop run by the warforged artificer Bolt
(expanded locations from Residents of Trollskull Alley)

Trollskull Alley

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