TrollSkull Manor

The renovated Trollskull Manor.


Four stories tall and boasting balconies, a turret, and five chimneys, this former manor house was once one of the grandest estates in Trollskull Alley.

In the past, the manor was once owned by Ulkoria Stonemarrow, a member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, who later sold it to a dwarven family. However, when they could no longer afford to live there, ownership of the Manor was passed on to a woman who intended to turn it into an orphanage. The orphanage became a dark time in the building’s history, as the woman was revealed to be a hag who fed on the children she supposedly rescued. Trollskull Manor had several other owners after that, until the half-elf Lif turned it into a tavern which he ran until his unexplained death.

Immediately prior to the current owners taking possession of the Manor it was purchased at auction by Vordik Gaebler who intended to investigate rumors that the building was haunted. Gaebler turned over the deed to the current owners in lieu of payment for services rendered.


The ground floor of the manor is now operated as a tavern by the current owners. There is a taproom dominated by a large free-standing hearth on the north side of the room and a bar on the east. Behind the bar is an entrance to the tavern’s kitchen and cellar, all of which have been upgraded with artifice to keep food and drinks cool or hot as appropriate.

Upstairs the building has been re-renovated into several bedrooms, common areas, and washrooms for the current owners to live in.

TrollSkull Manor

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