The Tyrants are forgers and grifters, specialists in deception and the acquisition of information. The majority of the Tyrants are changelings, who use their shapeshifting abilities to fool marks and acquire secrets. There are magewrights among the Tyrants who can permanently alter your appearance. So, the Tyrants can steal someone’s identity, but they can also provide a fugitive with a new life.

The Tyrants are an enigmatic organization. They act to protect the changelings of Throneport and they pursue schemes that generate profits. But they also gather secrets they might never use and, sometimes, even provide assistance when they don’t appear to benefit from it themselves.

They have an longstanding truce with the Boromar Clan and remain neutral in the current struggles.

Having a connection with the Tyrants gives you access to expert forgers — and could provide you with unexpected secrets. One of the tricky issues with the Tyrants is that many of its members maintain shared identities. A particular persona is a job and different changelings may take it on from day to day. So if you have a contact in the Tyrants, the contact you meet seems consistent, but you may actually be speaking to a different changeling each time you meet with the organization.


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