The House of Handling is often overlooked as the ‘Working Man’s House’. Known to operate out of Varna in the Eldeen Reaches, many of those in this house take after Baron Dalin d’Vadalis’ example and stay as mobile as the flocks and herds that they oversee.Vadalis_Seal.jpg

House Vadalis is arguably the most innocuous of the dragonmarked houses. Its gifts do not win battles or drive the commerce of nations; the house was not instrumental in the Last War or in establishing the traditions of the houses. Its mark allows it to better care for and control animals; while useful, this ability is hardly the stuff of legend. Yet somehow, this inconspicuous house carries more than its share of controversy. During the War of the Mark, it was rumored that House Vadalis bred arcane beasts so horrifying that they were later banned and destroyed. Valenar refuses to allow Vadalis heirs to even enter the country, and the house’s bonding of magic with nature alternately inspires wonder or hostility among the people of Khorvaire.

Major Constituent Families

Ferrill, Sequian, Shir, Tann

Local Organization

House Vadalis’s main facility on Thronehold is the training and breeding center at Peak Aerie, home of the Griffon Cavalry. The House also maintains a sizable facility at Amphail, where they work with locals and House Orien breeders on horse breeding and keep a secure compound for less public work. As with the other House allowed on Thronehold, Deneith, Vadalis has their primary offices for contract work off the mountain in Trades Ward. In spite of its relatively humble activities, due to its outsized presence on Thronehold, the House has a large residential and administrative enclave at an airy, open compound called the House of Green Vines.

Important People

Throneport Director: Lady Margana d’Vadalis
Aerie Peak Foreman: Lord Dover d’Vadalis
Amphail Breeding Center Foreman: Lady Beatrix d’Vadalis


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