Wayfinder Foundation

Whether displaying stuffed owlbears in its Fairhaven trophy room, running a hostel in Stormreach, or sponsoring jungle expeditions in steaming Xen’drik, the Wayfinder Foundation promotes the hunger for exploration that drives Eberron.

The Wayfinder Foundation is an exclusive organization. Membership is by invitation only, and offers are extended only to renowned adventurers and explorers. The Wayfinder Conclave manages the affairs of the Foundation. The conclave meets in Aundair, and all decisions are resolved by a majority vote. As long as he still lives, Lord Boroman ir’Dayne has the final say on all expenditures of foundation funds, even overriding decisions of the conclave. Despite his skills, Dayne has been crippled by the wasting curse and rarely leaves the foundation’s enclave in Fairhaven.

The Foundation often plays an active role even in the lives of adventurers who aren’t members, as the organization usually hires large crews when they organize their daring expeditions. Being the foremost financial backer of all adventuring activities in the Five Nations, and the most respectable and dignified one, has allowed it to be quite dominant within the field. And when they learn of the Foundation’s membership benefits, even more adventurers want to join. In the end, the quest to earn an entrance often ends up being an exciting adventure in and of itself, which is presumably intentional on the Foundation’s part.

To become a Wayfinder, an applicant must receive a personal invitation from one of the Foundation’s trustees. Unless a trustee has blacklisted someone out of personal or professional animosity, the Foundation Conclave extends an invitation to any invited person who meets one of their standard criteria, though the Foundation does sometimes extend invitations for other remarkable achievements of exploration, as the Conclave sees fit.

Wayfinder Foundation

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